Fund Raising

Fundraising bags are available in all products, let us know your School or Organisation details, & your requirements & we will tailor a package just for you.
50g cellophane bags are a popular size, for fundraising, with 100 bags the minimum purchase.
Butterscotch Drops, no added flavours, colour free, preservative free, gluten free.
Pear Drops, preservative & colour free, gluten free. (contain pear flavour)
Also available
Witchetty Grubs
Milk Bottles
White Musk Sticks
Spearmint Sticks & more.

50g cellophane bags of the following Handmade Boiled Lolly products are slightly dearer, with 100 bags the minimum purchase.
Being handmade & all natural, these small “pillow” shaped treats sell very well.
Rosies, preservative free, natural flavour & colour, gluten free.
Orange Blossoms, preservative free, natural flavour, colour free & gluten free.
Lemons, preservative free, natural flavour, colour free, gluten free.

Sugar Free Rosies, Orange Blossoms & Lemons are all available in Sugar Free boiled lollies made with Inositol, which is beet derived, and also gluten free.
50g cellophane bags of these are available.

White Chocolate Frogs with no added flavours or colours.
Milk Chocolate Frogs are also available.

We even have safe “chocolate” for Pets; Carob in Plain or Peppermint!
(Oh, yes, it is available for the humans Milk Carob or Soy Carob.)

Natural honeycomb is available, either plain or Carob Coated.
Naturally coloured Smarties are available in cellophane bags & are a better buy than in boxes for fundraising.

Many more products are available, just email us with your requirements for a quotation, stating weight required & approx number you require.


Our website offers secure payment through Paypal, we never see credit card details.
Payments may also be made by direct bank deposit.

We suggest using order forms we can help customize ready for you to print off, & have plenty available for parents to take along to their workplaces, a copy to Grandparents and Sporting Events, all will help maximise your fundraising.

Many of our clients ask their customers for 50% deposit at the time of ordering, to ensure final payment.
You then forward the order & payment to us, we will package as required & dispatch, giving you time to collect any balance owing.

Alternatively the balance could be paid by the customer at the collection point.

It is important to let your potential customers know what they are helping to raise money for, as sales prove this really makes a difference.

We never encourage door to door sales by children, for safety reasons please ensure an adult is present.

Delivery of your order is made by Courier or Australia Post, depending on the best method & the order size.
The Freight cost is kept as low as possible & payable with the order.

Seasonal fundraising is available, however these arrangements must be in place well in advance due to ordering restrictions at such busy times.