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Orders and Christmas 2011 Products

Thursday, November 10th, 2011

Christmas products are on the way, with some already available & a new product or two expected in the next week or two!

Christmas orders are sent for December delivery as stock arrives.

Failsafe Candy Canes Plain and Rosey Candy Canes, Failsafe Starpops and Rosey Starpops, South Poles Failsafe, Plain and Rosey, Failsafe Christmas Tree Lollipops, Plain and Rosey, as well as Celebration Stars Plain and Rosey.

Christmas Bags are also available for you to make up as you wish.

Some small Candy Canes will be available this year finally, they do contain a small amount of Natural Peppermint Oil, so use your own judgement here specific to your own dietary needs or restrictions.

Butterpops, Red Whirlipops, Rosies, Sugar Free Rosies and Sugar Free Coffee Lollies are among products currently on backorder.

Apologies for any delays while we wait for the stock.

If you require an order for a specific date we will do our best as always, but please text me & I’ll be happy to phone you back to check details. 0418 610569

There have been internet connection problems recently, and a dead Iphone, so if you havn’t heard back from me, please text as above and I’ll call as soon as I am able.

Thanking you all for your support and kind wishes this year.

Back to the packing table for me!