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Christmas Products

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

A quick note about Christmas products as so many people are enquiring, and are worried about missing out.

Christmas ordering will be available in the next couple of weeks, pending product delivery.

There will be Starpops (plain) & new Starpops in Red Whirlipop, recipe as well as Large Candy Canes & South Poles.

If you have special requests or something you’d like to see available please ask & I’ll do my best.

Remember I’ll be away until next week, but I will answer all email when I return.

Be sweet


Ordering 27th Oct to 3rd November

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Please make any orders urgently required as soon as possible & no later than 27th October as we will be away at the childrens Hospital & not back until 3rd November at the earliest.

You may still order by all means, as long as you are happy to wait.

The Halloween stock unfortunately has not arrived as yet, the manufacturer is snowed under.

Disappointing for all of us, still, if they arrive we will have failsafe Scary Pops.

Xmas Starpops will be available again this year, as well as Candy Canes & South Poles the same as last year.

Be good, be kind & always be gentle.

New Failsafe Products & Halloween

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

We now have NEW FAILSAFE boiled lollies available, containing no Citric Acid for those of you who are super sensitive.

Also available are Round Lollipops without Citric Acid (these will be here in approx 15 days).

By popular demand, FAILSAFE HALLOWEEN Lollipops will also be available soon. To avoid disappointment, please order these well in advance so I can re order if need be. A picture will be up as soon as I have the stock on hand.

White Frogs are also available in a pack of 4 at this stage. Please let me know if a smaller pack would be preferable, as we take all suggestions into consideration.

Happy Holidays